Zannier Hotels Namibia

Proud to promote Zannier Hotels in the Benelux market with the openings of the two new hotels in Namibia. By means of press releases, press trips, media house visits and events.

Omaanda, Zannier’s first lodge in Namibia, is inspired from the word “Omhanda” meaning rhinoceros in Oshiwambo. It owes its name to its exceptional location, in the heart of a private animal reserve, the Zannier Reserve by N/a’an ku sê. Lying on some 9,000 hectares in the savannah near the capital city of Windhoek, this vast, soberly luxurious and yet completely unique site offers guests an exquisitely peaceful sojourn surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. The lodge is composed of ten luxury huts inspired by traditional Owambo architecture.

In July 2019, the second lodge Sonop opened in the Karas region. Perched on top of a group of boulders in the middle of the desert, ten luxury tents offer a stay that ideally match the surroundings, in a spirit of British colonialism. Located one and a half hours by plane and a few hours by car from Omaanda, Sonop proves itself to be a new haven of peace and rest, a contrast of surprising sophistication with the powerful surrounding environment.

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